Flash Websites

This is our portfolio which includes the websites designed using Adobe Flash


The official website of the tarot reader – Igor Alexander

Technologies: flash/html

Description: The official website of the tarot reader – Igor Alexander. You could find there the information concerning reading the cards and the possibilities of contact with the tarot reader.

Url: www.tarocista.pl


Advertising agency – ArtLantis

Technologies: flash/html

Description: The website of Swidnica’s advertising agency – ArtLantis. The website presents services concerning graphic design and any advertising service. You are welcome

Url: www.artlantis.pl


Our main portfolio Execute.pl

Technologies: flash/html

Description: Our main portfolio. The website has been created at the beginning of 2006; therefore, a modernization is now being planned. You are kindly welcome

Url: www.execute.pl

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